Mind-blowing Illusions: Anamorphic Sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz

1  Jonty Hurwitz2  Jonty Hurwitz

Let’s face it, anamorphic art is really flippin’ cool. From drawings that jump off of the page by Alessandro Diddi and Nagai Hideyuki to the drawings of István Orosz, where hidden images are revealed only when placing a reflective cylinder in just the right place, we are always down for a good anamorphic mind blowing. These sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz do just that! As much mathematics as it is art, Hurwitz spends months planning and calculating before he materializes his ideas. For his cylindrical mirror paired sculptures, he begins by scanning each object (shown here are hands and a frog), he then digitally distorts the images and sculpts them so that their identity is only revealed in the reflection on the cylinder.


Hurwitz tells Colossal:

For the anamorphic pieces its an algorithmic thing, distorting the original sculptures in 3D space using 2πr or πr3 (cubed). Much of it is mathematical, relying on processing power. There is also a lot of hand manipulation to make it all work properly too as spacial transformation have a subtle sweet spot which can only be found by eye. Generally I will 3D scan my subject in a lab and then work the model using Mathematica or a range of 3D software tools. I think the π factor is really important in these pieces. We all know about this irrational number but the anamorphic pieces really are a distortion of a “normal” sculpture onto an imaginary sphere with its centre at the heart of the cylinder.

The now London-based artist was born in Johannesburg in 1969. Check out the videos below to get a real sense of what his works are like in person- only one perspective reveals the desired image. Check out more of his incredible collections on his website, Facebook, and Saatchi gallery.

3  Jonty Hurwitz

4  Jonty Hurwitz

6  Jonty Hurwitz

7  Jonty Hurwitz

8  Jonty Hurwitz

9  Jonty Hurwitz

Via: broadsheet.ie

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