Sea Change: High and Low Tide from the Same Location

It’s one of those things that makes Earth special… but if you live at the equator you might not even notice it happening. The daily rise and fall of the tide can be pretty extreme in the far north or south, drawing sea water far up and down, and leaving large areas flooded and dry in the same day. Michael Marten has been studying the tides since 2003, capturing them with his camera in diptychs showing high and low tide from exactly the same location.


Marten’s images capture a natural cycle that often takes hours to complete, seen side by side in one instant. Because of this warped sense of time, we see the changes of tides with a new eye – and one that can appreciate their extreme rise and fall. In one location we see a cargo ship motoring past, and in the next instant the land is dry for miles into the distance. In another we see people heading into the water for a swim, and in the next image the whole beach is flooded. Here are 6 animated GIFs showing his images one on top of the other – perhaps the perfect way to appreciate the massive daily change in each location. See more of Michael Marten’s series Sea Change at or see the book of the same name here.

Above: Crosby, Liverpool
Below: Salmon fishery, Solway Firth

Worms Head, Glamorgan

Perranporth, Cornwall

Blackpool, Lancashire

Cuckmere Haven, Sussex


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