Chad Wys Creates Artistic Combinations That Push Things Forward

All That Is Not Itself Chad Wys 3

These new artworks by Chad Wys are the type of project that make innovations happen. In their distinct elements they aren’t that unique – some multi-colored paint here, a porcelain statue there – but it’s how his contemporary and historical forms interact that make the difference. Wys has a knack for combining dissimilar elements in ways that create surprising and thought provoking new artistic directions.

If you look at nature, the edge is where the action is. If you walk deep inside the forest, it’s often a quiet, sleepy place. Do the same with the nearby meadow and you’ll find the same situation. But walk along the edge, where the forest and the meadow meet, and you’ll find an abundance of animals and plants that could never thrive anywhere else. The edge is a meeting place, a place of interaction and opportunity. It’s where the action is.

This is how Wys’ art pushes things forward. By blurring the boundaries between genres, mediums and periods he creates new and often harmonious relationships that wouldn’t be discovered without his experimentation:

”My artwork is also, at its core, an experimentation in composition, color, and form,” says Wys. “Through a variety of mixed media I have chosen as my inspiration a color palette that is at times complimentary and at other times purposfully contradictory, or seemingly destructive. The literal destruction of an object is secondary, in my mind, to the overall effect created by color (dis)harmony and the overall aesthetic-emotional experience of the reclaimed and reinvented object. I openly play with the allure of foreign and aggressive new colors and forms, inviting them into otherwise familiar and traditional settings. Barriers and obstacles are thereby erected between the viewer and the object through which one must negotiate an understanding of what is both present and hidden. What does the creation of new meaning tell us about old meanings, or meaning in general?”

These new examples of his work come from his new book All That Is Not Itself. You can find more of his work on Behance; at his blog or personal website; or shop for prints on Society6.

All That Is Not Itself Chad Wys 1

All That Is Not Itself Chad Wys 2

All That Is Not Itself Chad Wys 4

All That Is Not Itself Chad Wys 5

All That Is Not Itself Chad Wys 6

All That Is Not Itself Chad Wys 7

All That Is Not Itself Chad Wys 8

All That Is Not Itself Chad Wys 9

All That Is Not Itself Chad Wys 10

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