Breaking Bad Locations in Real Life: Screen Shots Juxtaposed Over the Actual Spots Where They Took Place


As the final season of Breaking Bad comes closer to the end, jaws are dropping more and more every week. For those of us who are all caught up with the episodes, waiting for Sunday to see what crazy shenanigans Walter White will get himself into and out of is almost painful. The show is just as addictive to viewers as the Blue Sky is for fictional meth-heads all over Albuquerque. Luckily the world wide web gives us a little fix to make the week go by a little more quickly. Breaking Bad memes, commentary, and art keep the excitement going for the 7 day stretch until the next episode and will hopefully help to fill the empty space in everyone’s lives once the final episode has been aired.


People of Albuquerque first worried that having a show about drugs taking place there would give their town a bad name, but instead they have seen a boost in tourism. For $65, visitors can take a Breaking Bad trolley tour of all of the show’s local locations. Souvenir stores sell bath salts (the kind for actual bathing) and rock candy that resemble Walt & Jesse’s product and Heisenberg hats. One fan had the brilliant idea of placing screen shots from the show over the real life locations. The collection was originally posted on Tumblr by 4dirtypaws.








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