Artist Uses Toasted Bread As a Canvas for His Anime Drawings

1 Toast Art by Hittomii

Move over latte art! Japanese toast art may just be the next big thing. A Japanese artist by the name of Hittomii uses lightly toasted bread as a canvas to make these adorable anime illustrations. He first “painted” on cookies, but has moved from dessert to breakfast with these new creations. He shows us that playing with your food is a good thing!


To apply the characters on his toast, Hittomii draws them first on clear plastic sheets. He then creates a stencil from the drawing by cutting out the portions that will be shaded and fills in the spaces with cocoa powder for an outline, green tea powder, possibly turmeric for yellow, or whatever color he needs. You can see Hittomii’s latest toast creations by following him on Twitter. Although his Twitter feed is in Japanese, he regularly posts pictures of his food art that speak for themselves.

3 Toast Art by Hittomii

4 Toast Art by Hittomii

6 Toast Art by Hittomii

7 Toast Art by Hittomii

8 Toast Art by Hittomii

9 Toast Art by Hittomii

10 Toast Art by Hittomii



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