Trippy Temple: Projection Visuals at Shambhala


This Canadian temple stage, dubbed the Pagoda Stage, has a reputation for being a magnet for people who love to dance in furry animal hats, EL wire tutus and tight neon bodysuits. For one weekend in August every year, Shambhala festival unites bass heads who want to take in the sights and sounds of this crazy forest. The Pagoda Stage is famous for having mind-bending, transformative visuals, never looking like the same place twice. 


The projection visuals team responsible for the magic is BEAMA Visual Environments and stage director Robbie Campbell, their next gig will be building an interactive, three-storey tall projection mapping environment for Beakerhead, a creative society in Calgary, Alberta. The interactive projection installation will be featured at an event dubbed Beakernight on September 14, 2013 in Calgary. Beakernight (part of Beakerhead festival) will be a stimulus overloading, multi-venue outdoor dance party featuring a fully robotic band from Germany and roaming mechanical creatures.



Photos above by Vindaloo Photography

Photos below by Paul Magnuson



Via: and Vindaloo Photography 

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