3D Print UK has Created the World’s First 3D Printed Twin Tip Skateboard

1 3d-printed-skateboard

Last month 3D Print UK teamed up with CGTrader to host a competition for the best portfolio. The winner was highly creative and skilled artist Sam Abbott. The prize? Abbott was chosen to have his design for a twin tip skateboard printed on a 3D printer. Looking at the final product, you would imagine it was as simple as one big piece, but since the board was longer than the build tray, they had to cut it into 3 sections, and combine it with connector pins to add strength. The skateboard is fully ride-able, but may not be the best for stunts. It’s still an awesome looking board and a huge step for functional 3D printing.


Be sure to check out the video below to see the making of this innovative piece of equipment, then head over to Sam Abbott’s site to see more from his design portfolio.

2 3d-printed-skateboard

3 3d-printed-skateboard

4 3d-printed-skateboard

5.6 3d-printed-skateboard

5 3d-printed-skateboard

6 3d-printed-skateboard

7 3d-printed-skateboard

8 3d-printed-skateboard

9 3d-printed-skateboard

10 3d-printed-skateboard

Via: 3dprint-uk.co

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