Retired Chimpanzee Art Contest- Which Painting is Your Favorite?

1 Cheetah2 Cheetah

Although chimpanzees share 98.8% of their DNA with humans and so many behaviors and emotions, these sweet animals have only a tiny fraction of the same rights. Used for biomedical research, zoos, and circuses some chimps have to wait until retirement to begin enjoying life. Luckily there are some amazing sanctuaries around the world that are on a mission to give chimps the life that they deserve. Most of these sanctuaries offer loads of enrichment activities to keep the chimps happy and busy and many chimps have taken a liking to art. Shown here are some of these precious chimps and the paintings they have created. The Humane Society invited 6 chimpanzee sanctuaries in North America to share the work of one of their primate artists for the chance to win a monetary prize for their sanctuary.


Chimp expert Dr. Jane Goodall will be a guest judge in the contest which ends today and then the paintings will be auctioned off to benefit the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance. The Humane Society offers a little back story on each chimp to help voters decide who they would like to vote for. Brent prefers painting with his tongue, rather than paintbrushes, so he got my vote! For more facts on these chimps, including their sad histories, click here.

Above: Cheetah Below: Jenny
3 Jenny4 Jenny

5 Ripley6 Ripley

7 Jamie8 Jamie

9 Patti10 Patti

11 Brent12 Brent


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