Inspired by Gothic Architecture: Large Machines Built From Metal Lattice


We’ve shared our love of Wim Delvoye’s scrimshaw-like tire carvings before, and now we want to bring you the rebel Belgian artist’s equally beautiful metal sculptures. Like his tires, these artworks take a subject infrequently – or maybe never – associated with the concept of delicate beauty: heavy construction vehicles. He’s taken the massive forms of these machines and translated them into latice-like structures of delicate metal. All of it is inspired by Gothic architecture and cathedrals.

Yes, that is a strange combination, but the result works surprisingly well. Perhaps this is because, thematically, construction vehicles and classic structures aren’t too far removed. These machines are one of today’s tools for creating our modern cathedrals – skyscrapers – and they are themselves monumental in scale, often nearing the size of a small building.


Delvoye creates the pieces, which are both scale models and life-sized, using laser cut steel. They have been exhibited everywhere from America, to Belgium, to the fantastic new MONA in Tasmania. Forget about stodgy, pretentious artists when you think of Wim Delvoye. His work – and even his artist website – continuously breaks from tradition, proving that art can be both avant garde and lots of fun.






Beaufort01 - Wim Delvoye (Caterpilar)source






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