Recursive Sand Sculpture Goes On and On and On and…

Sand Sculpture 1

You may have never heard of the Droste effect, but you’ve seen it before in loads of artworks. The effect sees one image repeated, seemingly in infinite repetition, within the same image. What you probably haven’t seen is that effect realized in a sand sculpture. Carl Jara did just that with his sculpture “Infinity” at the Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition in New Hampshire. In his sculpture we see a figure holding a smaller version of himself atop his palm, and a smaller version atop that figures palm, and on and on to infinity… well, not quite. What is probably the most surprising part of the sculpture is those massive fingers popping out of the beach, revealing the presence of an even larger figure below the sand.


At the event, held in June, Jara took home the gold medal as well as the people’s choice award for his creation – clearly showing he won over the entire crowd. You can see more images of the event on Jara’s Flickr page or check out the intense time-lapse of the sculpture’s creation below. After that it’s time to head to the beach and practice up!

Sand Sculpture 2

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