Digital Structures Created By Human Movement

1 Human Movement Converted Into Digital Sculptures

When the fluid movements of dance are transformed into digital sculptures, the results are mesmerizing. JL Design TV with the help of KORB has made a documentary for CCTV Documentary Channel that follows the organic beauty and emotion of dance and turns it into solid materials like steel, wood, and glass. Seeing the trails of each gesture frozen in time is incredible.


KORB explains the video:

Idents visualize four different themes. To emphasize the emotion of each Ident, we have decided to use different textures of steel, wood and glass. Motion sculpture of steel reflects old Chinese adage that true power is mastering yourself. Youthful energy of dancers evolve into beautiful organic sculpture. Colorful happiness is the engine of father’s and his daughter’s joy. Two lovers visualize fragility and vitality of love in the last Ident.

See more videos from KORB on their Vimeo Channel.

2 Human Movement Converted Into Digital Sculptures


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