Anti-Mario Propaganda Posters Inspired by WWII

11 - Mario Power Up

Just when you thought your mission to save the princess was in the bag, along come’s anti-Mario propaganda from the mushroom kingdom: “The Koopas are Fighting, Why Aren’t You?” Each of these 17 posters, including the new 7 just released, pay homage to the iconic propaganda posters of WW2. Planting a Victory Garden? In this case, the plants fight back!

The series was created by Los Angeles based graphic artist and web designer Fernando Reza, aka Fro. His work has hit the front page of Reddit twice now, making it a serious hit with the gamers of the world… but let’s be honest – who hasn’t played some Mario?

The latest 7 posters are seriously clever. You know what those coin boxes in the original Mario Bro’s were doing? Just a local donation box to fund the war effort! Other examples channel some close similarities to WWII themes – loading large bullets, and a “knock him down to size” poster with a not so hidden reference to dictators of the past.

Each of the posters are being offered as limited edition 18×24 inch Giclee prints for $40, or as 11×17 inch digital prints for $30. See the whole series here.

1 - Mario Boos

1 - Mario Enemy

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mario flag print

Mario Victory





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