What’s Inside these Bizarre Cartoons? A Whole Lot of Weirdness, That’s What.

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The cartoon characters drawn by the dynamic duo of Juan and Alejandro Mingarro (aka Brosmind) are always weird and surprising, so much so that they reveal even weirder things when we look at their insides. Yeah, that’s pretty weird, but we’ve come to expect this kind of thing from these Spanish designers. They created their studio back in 2006 as a professional outlet for their constant sketching which always seems to combine a healthy dose of fantasy, humor and the absolutely bizarre. This latest series, What’s Inside, is no different.

What’s inside revolves around their voluptuous, bikini clad character Lydia Lopez who features in their latest comic/movie project, SHE. In this case “SHE” is helping to unzip/crack/hack/open all of their bizarre characters and reveal the wonderful world of What’s Inside. We find objects ranging from shelves of library books and stacks of grand pianos, to a menagerie of monstrous sea creatures and a formation of flying balloons (and it’s even spawned a spinoff unicorn sculpture). Juan and Alejandro’s style reminds us of something out of the latest episode of Adventure Time, but even more off the wall.

So what have the two guys behind Brosmind been doing professionally? They’ve been working on projects for Nike, Microsoft, Gillette, Honda, Land Rover, and Volkswagen… that’s what. It just goes to show that your wild, sketching, dreaming, optimistic habits just might make you a living. Check out more from Brosmind on Behance or at brosmind.com.

Below: Juan and Alejandro Mingarro of Brosmind, looking inside themselves.

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