Laurene Boglio’s Quirky Drawings Dance into Motion


What’s better than animated GIFs of jumping people in bunny costumes, dancing women in swimming caps or a fellow hawking iPads from below his trench coat? Not much. These illustrations from French graphic designer Laurene Boglio are so cool they’re starting to make us jealous… at least of her seriously refined style.

Each of her animations uses the bare minimum of frames, creating a minimalist black and white image that jumps around with a fun, lo-fi jerkiness. Each image is hand-illustrated and placed on her blog, mainly because she has so much fun making them.


Boglio’s professional work follows a similar vein, often being composed of pixilated, low-resolution combinations of black and white. She currently works as a graphic designer at in London and has done freelance illustration work for periodicals like Paulette Magazine and Zut!. She gratuated with a masters degree from École Superieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg in 2010. See more of her work on her website, or more animations on her blog.










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