Just Like Eating a Gobstopper: Paintings Made By Carving Through Colorful Layers of Paint

Karin Waskiewicz paintings 1

Around the world people will be familiar with gobstopper, aka jawbreaker, candies. Produced by slowly depositing layers of differently colored sugars onto their center core, the secret of their many inner hues is only revealed when slowly licked or – at the risk of your teeth – bitten. These incredible paintings by Karin Waskiewicz are made in a similar way, placing many layers of acrylic paint on the canvas and then slowly carving, sanding and cutting the layers away. Her cross-disciplinary practice creates something deep, textural, even topographic, out of something commonly viewed as two-dimensional. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of her process is the way each painting reveals itself through intuitive exploration and chance. She explains:

“The process begins with acrylic paint applied in thick layers creating a collection of colors to later be unveiled. After the layers are applied, one mark is made. Every mark is a reaction to the shape, placement, and color of the previous marks made.The painting emerges from dry paint as I carve away at the thick surface, intuitively revealing and investigating the depth of the paint, creating a world in paint alone. The shapes are both organic and formulated. My carved marks expand, contract, and change shape. Chance is an important factor in my paintings, as it lets the paint act on its own. My paintings are about discovery, excavating into the surface to find the painting beneath. This process allows for a journey through the depth of the paint, subtracting and adding to the supports until the painting is resolved.”

Because of these methods, the landscape like appearance of Waskiewicz’s work is far from coincidental – they’re actually created much like nature does its own work of slowly layering and carving away. You can see more of her paintings at karinwaskiewicz.com.


Karin Waskiewicz paintings 2

Karin Waskiewicz paintings 3

Karin Waskiewicz paintings 5

Karin Waskiewicz paintings 6

Karin Waskiewicz paintings 7

Karin Waskiewicz paintings 8

Karin Waskiewicz paintings 9

Karin Waskiewicz paintings 10

Karin Waskiewicz paintings 12

Karin Waskiewicz paintings 13

Karin Waskiewicz paintings 15

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