Algorithm: Help Launch a New “Hacker Film” About Fighting Government Monitoring


What if there was no such thing as privacy in the world. What if there was a group of people who had access to all your information. What might that group possibly do and how would the people react? This futuristic (and quite possibly realistic) situation is the heart of a new technological thriller yet to be filmed titled “Algorithm.” Developed by writer and filmmaker Jonathan Schiefer, the film revolves around a hacker-for-hire who discovers that the government is monitoring everything people are doing. He and his friends decide to fight back in full force. Does this story sound somewhat familiar? Edward Snowden has done something similar by becoming a whistle blower on the NSA, yet this story was written before the Snowden episode. Currently Schiefer and crew are looking for support in all ways, hoping to make their dream a reality and begin filming in San Francisco.


Looking back, what have been some of the best hacker movies that involve government in the past? There was Wargames in 1983 and then there was Sneakers in ’92, but Schiefer says It’s about time for another good hacker movie.” The Algorithm screenplay, which is available for everyone to read here, is sure to deliver and encourage thought provoking discussions regarding what can happen when a small group of powerful people get control of mass amounts of information. In a time where powerful governments are already collecting data from citizens across the globe, a film like this is more needed than ever to simulate scenarios and spur dialogue that can potentially lead to a healthy balance where privacy is still respected and protected for all. Check out the film’s indiegogo campaign and support if you can. If the words of the writer/filmmaker:

“I feel that there’s a need for people to take control of their lives to be active participants in our lives and computers and technology makes that possible. I think it’s time that everyone recognizes that we live in a different world than the one that we appear to listen to. More specifically, computers have radically changed the landscape of what is possible and what we can do, both as individuals and as a species.”


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