Would You Eat a Sandwich in a London Urinal?

Attendant sandwich bar 4

As the Brits would say, we’re not “taking the piss” when we say this London sandwich bar/cafe is situated in a Victorian urinal. Called Attendant, the narrow subterranean place is located just south of Regents Park and somewhat hidden below an ornate wrought iron entrance gate. The urinal, which was abandoned for over 50 years, was remodeled by partners Peter Tomlinson and Ben Russell for a respectable $150,000. Besides knocking out one wall, the duo report that the main project was a very thorough cleaning.


To transform the quirky space into a functioning cafe, the two fitted a wooden table into the top of the ornate vintage urinals and placed green stools that matched the green victorian tile floor. The former attendants office, and the namesake for the place itself, was transformed into a small kitchen. And that wrought iron entrance gate? That had 12 layers of paint removed.

You can tell from the comments on their Facebook page that nobody finds the place offensive or even that strange… it’s now just a trendy place to grab a good cup of coffee, some warm soup and a sandwich. Who would have predicted that 50 years ago? Find out more about Attendant on Twitter or at the-attendant.com.

Above and below: Attendant as it was found
Attendant sandwich bar 8

Attendant sandwich bar 3

Below: The hansom place after the remodel
Attendant sandwich bar 1

Attendant sandwich bar 2

Attendant sandwich bar 5

Attendant sandwich bar 6

Attendant sandwich bar 7

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