Beer Labels Jump into Motion Through Clever Animation

Unless you’ve hit the end of your last 6-pack, the labels on your beer bottles probably don’t do too much moving… but you don’t have to drink at all to appreciate the labels reworked by Trevor Carmick. This Boston-based video editor/graphic artist has been working on a personal side project called Beer Labels in Motion, creating animated GIF logos based on some of his favorite american craft-brews.

Beer Labels in Motion 9


Part of what makes Carmick’s work so cool is the fact that he doesn’t just animate a lone label, he does it right on the front of the bottle. I mean, can you imagine how cool/scary it would be if the label jumped to life on your beer… especially if that was a Stone Ruination IPA?? I predict utterly shocked beer spitting.

Carmick, who currently works as the main editor at Shotgun Media Group, was also employed by PBS where he acted as head editor for the award winning, Boston-based weekly magazine-style show, Mountain Lake Journal EXTRA. You can see more about him at or catch the rest of his Beer Labels in Motion (and his comments on each brew) on Tumblr.

Beer Labels in Motion 1

Beer Labels in Motion 2

Beer Labels in Motion 3

Beer Labels in Motion 6

Beer Labels in Motion 7

Beer Labels in Motion 8

Beer Labels in Motion 4

Beer Labels in Motion 5

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