Never Too Young: Fuji, the 3 Year Old Photographer


In the West African country of Nigeria is a three year old boy by the name of Fuji Remet. His current hobby isn’t playing with toys, scribbling on walls or eating Play-Doh but rather shooting photos with a Sony SLR. He’s an aspiring photographer… and his first exhibition of his work just happened last month. His proud father, who himself is an artist and graphic designer, sent in his son’s work to CNN and they picked up the story of the young artist.


The Remet’s are a family of early child development experts and creative spirits. They have two other daughters named Onarietta 9, and Onatteni 7. These two girls have also been involved in creative activities including photography but not nearly as much as little Fuji. He began shooting with a camera a quarter of his body size and already has over 3,000 photos under his belt. What does his dad say of Fuji?

“The creative home environment with unquestioned access to series of cameras is a key factor [in his interest in photography]. I hope he grows up to become a larger than life photographer, who’ll explore his natural platform to impact remarkably on the course of humanity.”

Check out more of the story on CNN or see more photos from Fuji’s exhibition check it out at Sipa Press.





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via CNN

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