Vintage European Photos Become Windows to the Past

Window to the Past 2

We’ve seen this type of photo juxtaposition before with the works of Shawn Clover and Khánh Hmoong, but we’ve never seen such nostalgia inducing images as those by Kerényi Zoltán. He’s been finding vintage photographs of Europe (mostly of his native Hungary), finding their original location and capturing the place from the exact spot of the original photographer. Once the vintage image is placed on top it forms an almost seamless Window to the Past.


Zoltán’s work often sees the past through optimistic, rose tinted lenses. The vintage images he finds depict car races through classic european towns like Budapest, young people enjoying the first blossoms of love, and warm days spent by the seaside. Next to the mundane scenes of the present day that often surround them, the past seems a truly exciting place.

Rather than simply tempt us with longing for the past, Zoltán also gives us another perspective. He’s created a number of images which place today’s equivalent experience alongside that of the past. Modern day lovers mingle with those in the vintage images; two cars from different eras share the same parking space; and tourists enjoy the same view of a city. We could almost take these images as a challenge: make today as good or better than yesterday. You can find more of his incredible work at or on Flickr and Facebook.

Window to the Past 1

Window to the Past 3

Window to the Past 4

Window to the Past 5

Window to the Past 6

Window to the Past 7

Window to the Past 8

Window to the Past 9

Window to the Past 10

Window to the Past 11

Window to the Past 12

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