Suburban Street Art: What do the Neighbors Think?!


Ian Strange is using suburban homes as his canvas, transforming the iconic structures into massive three dimensional paintings. In some of his works, he wraps houses in monochromatic colors, painting windows, roofs and trim in the same color and transforming them into sculptural forms; in others he paints massive skulls on the walls or a huge “X” across an otherwise quant home. Called Suburban, this is the Australian artist’s most ambitious project to date, and has seen a number of houses along the eastern United States completely transformed from their mundane roots into striking street-side works of art… and in at least one case, he’s even burnt the structure to the ground. Just what do the neighbors think?!


The project, which took place in Ohio, Detroit, Alabama, New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire, has been recorded in photos and film, and will soon be shown at the National Gallery of Victoria beginning July 26th. It follows his last major project, Home, which saw him re-creating his childhood home full-size inside Cockatoo Island’s prestigious Turbine Hall, and later destroying a trio of Holden cars in the “yard.” See more about the projects at





Watch behind the scenes footage of Ian Strange creating his project Suburban:

via collabcubed

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