Flintstones Living with Jetsons? It’s a Toon Conspiracy!

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There’s far more going on in Bedrock and Orbit City than meets the eye… and illustrator Andrew Kolb is here to get to the bottom of it. He calls his playful mid-century themed illustrations “Cartoon Conspiracy’s” and in them he’s mashing up history both fact and fiction. The writeups we’ve quoted here are seriously funny, tracing his links between the space and stone ages, and the atomic age and Spongebob’s home in Bikini Bottom.


Almost all of Kolb’s illustrations are sugar coated with clever nostalgia, bringing back the animated stylings of the 1960s cartoon boom along with the “glass half full” attitude of the booming era itself. He’s been producing prints, editorial illustrations and advertising pieces in his own consistently “neat” style. You can purchase his work at The Neat Shop, follow him on Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook, or see his portfolio at Kolb Is Neat. You can get prints for his two Cartoon Conspiracy’s at the currently running show at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn.

Seriously… be sure to read the hilarious ideas behind the images below:

”I humbly present to you the first CARTOON CONSPIRACY!

It’s suggested that the Flintstones and the Jetsons not only take place in the same universe, but at the same time! Set in a near future, the Jetsons live their automated lives high in the sky but what exactly are they living above?

The answer is ‘The Town of Bedrock’ and all of the other civilizations who chose to go the Amish route and lead a simpler lifestyle despite what the rest of the world might be doing.

The Flintstones exist in a near future where genetically created animals are made in the image of the past (though not accurately as shown some of the species are fairly wacky). Also, much of the technology of both worlds (record players, vacuums, etc.) function similarly but with very different materials…it’s because they’re running in tandem.

So remember that movie where the two families meet? Well it wasn’t time travel so much as it was TELEPORTATION! The Jetsons simply beamed to the planet’s surface and were as baffled at the simplified technology as I would be when presented with a butter churn.”

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“And now the second CARTOON CONSPIRACY!

It’s stated that Bikini Bottom lies directly below Bikini Atoll. For those of you who (like me) need some catching up on ‘Bikini Atoll’, it was a nuclear testing site for the US government waaaaaaaaay back in the day.

This is a real thing.

So it’s pretty much confirmed that Bikini Bottom is the result of over a decade of nuclear testing (both above and below water). Now the question of how Mr. Krabs fathered a whale doesn’t seem quite so difficult to answer.

And while I rarely need my cartoons to be justified or explained, I’m comfortable with the idea that all this radiation allows for fire and water to behave differently on the ocean floor.

And there you have it! Again, this theory isn’t mine but it sure was fun to illustrate!”

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The talented and enthusiastic Andrew Kolb himself:
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