Funny: Somebody Save Us from Digital Clutter!


Okay, so it might not be the most beautiful infographic you’ve seen in your life, but this one surely rates high on the honesty scale… and by the end will have you wondering what the heck we’re doing. Ray, Raf and Will, the three superhero/geniuses behind the online comic series DogHouseDiaries have whipped up another brilliant, funny and true effort observing the current state of our media through graphs… lots and lots of graphs. The thing is, as you read down their list, it becomes painfully obvious that today; our many photographs, music tracks and even our friends are hopelessly disorganized.


Let’s look at this issue a little more closely. Why the heck do we have our collection of photographs in 8 different places (or more) and a sometimes equal amount of formats?! Just when you think you’ve got a solution on where to store them (uploading everything you’ve got to Flickr, for example), along comes another site and off your friends and fans go. DogHouseDiaries does a great job illustrating the “joy” of organization in the digital age… and in the process, point out an excellent opportunity for some motivated and talented web designers. Someone help us get organized before we go crazy!

dog house diaries someone help 1

Top image via icomputerdenver

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