99 Problems, But These Posters Ain’t One

99 probs 2

So Jay-Z has 99 problems? We’ve been hearing about ’em for years, but we’ve never been exactly sure what they were. Thanks to Ali Graham, we’re now getting a look inside the life of Shawn Carter, and the scoop on his plethora of problems. This growing Tumblr sensation 99 Problems, has been featuring illustrations of the world-famous rapper and his many grievances, from his issues with popsicles and US presidents, to tailoring and hair. It’s a hard-knock life, but somebody’s got to live it!


After many requests, Ali Graham is now producing 8.5 x 11 inch prints of the growing series (he’s up to 44 problems thus far), and each one is being produced in a limited edition of – you guessed it – 99 prints. As many Jay-Z fans will recognize, lots of these prints are closely related to the rappers famous lyrics, making each problem that much more appropriate. See the rest of the growing series at probs99.tumblr.com or see the latest updates on Twitter.

99 probs 13

99 probs 3

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99 probs 7

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99 probs 1

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