London, Swallowed by Flooding Waves

Rupert Jordan Flooded London 1

Sometimes the very best illusions are those that are the most obvious. English photographer Rupert Jordan is taking that thinking seriously, producing a series of images along London’s Thames river that feature the iconic landmarks lining its shores. What makes Jordan’s images so interesting? All his landmarks appear as if they are sinking into a massive flood.

Jordan uses forced perspective and a love for getting wet to produce his somewhat unnerving images. By using a small Sony RX100 point and shoot camera with a Nauticam Housing placed just above water level he captures the city peaking above the waves. He strives to get as much depth of field as possible, making the waves and the buildings sharp and believable.


Jordan reports to Petapixel that his images are often difficult to capture, both because of the frequently changing tides of the turbulent Thames, and because he must find safe places opposite the landmarks to crawl down the river’s walls. So far he’s managed to capture St. Paul’s cathedral, the London Eye ferris wheel, Big Ben and the houses of parliament, and the Battersea Power Station (you’ll know it from the cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals album). You can see more of his growing series, River London, on Flickr.

Rupert Jordan Flooded London 2

Rupert Jordan Flooded London 3

Rupert Jordan Flooded London 4

Rupert Jordan Flooded London 5

Rupert Jordan Flooded London 6

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