Abstract Arrangements of Everyday Objects

Nick Albertson- 1 -masking tape

Through the proper lens, beauty can be found in the most mundane objects. Photographer Nick Albertson proves this as he arranges mass-produced objects from our every day lives, such as toilet paper, masking tape, envelopes, rubber bands, and clothes hangers, to create unique patterns and photographs them to look like abstract designs. While some of the objects are easier to distinguish than others, they all look far more interesting than the objects themselves.


Albertson explains:

In my work I strip utilitarian objects of their functions, repurposing them to create visceral experiences. Items with little visual intrigue are organized so as to have a powerful aesthetic impact. The tension between the inherent uniformity of the mass-produced everyday materials I engage with and my subsequent arrangement of them drives my practice.

Check out more of his abstract patterns on his website, nickalbertson.com, where all shown work is available for sale. You can see his first solo show at Aspect Ratio Projects in Chicago in early 2014.

Above: masking tape Below: toilet paper
Nick Albertson- 2- toilet paper

paper plates:
Nick Albertson- 3- paper plate

Nick Albertson- 4- hangers

drinking straws:
Nick Albertson- 5- straws

cloth napkins:
Nick Albertson- 6- cloth napkins

elastic hair bands:
Nick Albertson- 7- hair rubberbands

Nick Albertson- 8- envelopes

rubber bands:
Nick Albertson- 9- rubber bands

sandwich bags:
Nick Albertson- 10-sandwich bags

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