Strangely Tasty: Retro Video of Ice Cream (Un)Melting

It’s common knowledge that things get way cooler in slow motion… but what about speeding stuff up in reverse?? That’s what Lullatone, a super happy lo-fi musical duo have done for the video of their latest single. Did we mention ice cream? The retro feast that plays out before our eyes features ice cream “(un)melting” in reverse. A melted banana split grows back into its tasty solid form before our eyes; and a red, white and blue popsicle jumps back onto the stick. It’s all done to the tasty summer tunes of Lullatone set against a grainy vintage film aesthetic.


Lullatone is comprised of Shawn and Yoshimi out of Nagoya, Japan. This song comes off of their 10th album of “pajama pop” appropriately titled Summer Songs. The synth, ukulele and guitar driven music is perhaps the perfect accompaniment for such sweet visual fare, and we could easily see it featuring in some summertime commercials in the near future. You can hear more from Lullatone on Facebook, Bandcamp, or at

What do the cool kids from Lullatone think this would be a good soundtrack for?

  • Ice cold drinks (with foam things around them to keep them extra cool)
  • Anything by a pool
  • Just cruising on a skateboard (without too many technical tricks)
  • Making sun tea
  • Bonus juice at the bottom of your shaved ice
  • Itching after sitting in a patch of really really green grass
  • Making a funny sound while walking around in flip flops
  • Sweating
  • Eating dinner outside
  • Hammock naps
  • Spraying a friend with a garden hose
  • Wishing you were wearing more clothes in the freezer section of the supermarket
  • Pretty much anything involving a backyard – and –
  • Eating way too much watermelon

Sounds like summer!

Shawn and Yoshimi making happy music.
lullatone 3

lullatone 1

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