Climb the Walls of this London Illusion

Dalston House 1

Ready to daringly rescue a child from a tall window? Want to relax like a gecko, magically attached to a vertical wall? How about flying from that window like the kids in Peter Pan? It’s all possible with Leandro Erlich’s new east London illusion. The giant installation, called Dalston House, allows visitors to place themselves on a horizontal façade while looking up at their reflection captured in a massive mirror hanging at a 45 degree angle overhead. For anyone viewing from the side, the illusion of a building with people scaling its sides is convincing.


Installed just around the corner from Erlich’s Parisian façade from last year, this piece is built on the foundation of a Victorian house destroyed in the bombings of World War Two. The façade is constructed using similar elements to the building that once stood there.

Hailing from Argentina, Erlich was commissioned by the Barbician. Dalston House will be open from 26 June 2013 to 4 August 2013, and is open for free to the public 7 days a week. Find out more at

Dalston House 2

dalston house

Dalston House 3

Dalston House 4

Dalston House 5

Dalston House 6

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