Impeccable Celebrity Portraits Made from Scribbles

If you pick up a pencil and scribble, scribble, scribble… you don’t always end up with the most amazing art on your desk. That’s not how it seems to work for Vince Low though. This Malaysian artist has created a series of celebrity portraits composed almost exclusively of scribbles and swirling lines, with his careful overlapping of each creating the fine shading and linear elements to give us a highly accurate representation.

celebrity portraits scribbles


Each of the 9 expressive portraits – featuring celebs from Samuel L. Jackson to Johnny Depp – is made even more energy charged by the duality of its rendering. Low manages to create images that are at once exploding with lines beyond their subjects facial edges, and simultaneously a tight and crisp portrait. That’s one cool feat, and one that takes serious skill to do right.

This is just the first time Low’s work has gone this direction, with his past pieces ranging from street art (his home-base of Kuala Lumpur is filled with good examples) to cartoonish, digitally illustrated ad campaigns. You can see more examples from this series on Behance.

Vince Low illustrations 1

Vince Low illustrations 2

Vince Low illustrations 3

Vince Low illustrations 4

Vince Low illustrations 6

Vince Low illustrations 7

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