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People who live in glass houses… probably never had a glass house made of sugar like this one. By caramelizing sugar at different temperatures, William Lamson was able to produce an array of colors, which he used like stained glass window panes for this beautiful Solarium. The one-room “house” was assembled at Storm King Art Center- one of the world’s leading sculpture parks in upstate New York. Surrounded by beautiful hills and trees in the distance on each side, the space was meant to be a meditative, plant conservatory/ zen garden that encourages reflection.


Solarium was on display for 6 months for an event called Light & Landscape and changed its shape to work with the weather, just like a plant leaf would. In the warmer months the sides opened to allow air to circulate, and in the colder months the cabin was enclosed to create a greenhouse effect to help grow miniature citrus trees. See William Lamson talk about the fascinating construction process in the video below and check out more of his work on his website.

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