From Farm to Fork: Our Toxic Food System

Food is the fuel we use to get our bodies into motion. Fruits and vegetables are our friends; foods like chips, soda, french fries, hamburgers, and candy are the devil. With the way our current food system works, these processed foods are making up a significant portion of our daily food intake. They’re readily available at every food store you enter, and an ice cold Coca-Cola is very difficult to pass up in favor of sparkling water. The problem, however, is that it’s not even about choosing healthy foods over artery cloggers. Today, 80% of food in the U.S. is supplied by massive factory farms associated with a myriad of environmental and health risks. From farm to fork, our food system is toxic.

Do you know where your food comes from? Or what’s in it? How is a hotdog made? Today’s conventional food system depends heavily on the use of toxic chemicals and synthetic inputs that pose threats to our health — especially children’s.

A main concern is what the animals we eat are being fed. Along with their intake of regular food, they’re also devouring same species meat, manure and other animal waste, diseased animals, feathers, hair, skin, hooves, blood, drugs, chemicals, and plastics. Then there’s the pesticides to protect the crops. Since the 90s, millions of tons of potentially toxic sewage sludge have been applied to America’s farmland as food crop fertilizer. But the chemicals don’t stop there.

The health risks associated with processed foods include a multitude of health risks. Want to struggle with obesity? Have your hormones disrupted, and impart neurodevelopmental deficits on a growing mind? Then look no further than the processed foods we stuff into our mouths. The foods we eat on a daily basis – like cereal, crackers, soda, macaroni & cheese, and cookies – are destroying our health. It’s time to take a harsh look at what we put into our bodies, and make a change for the better.

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