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Creative Mommy Makes Blackboard Adventures for Baby

Anna Eftimie 1

To announce the birth of her son, photographer Anna Eftimie wanted to do something memorable and different. After brainstorming with her creative husband, a light bulb went off in their heads and they decided to create a stork scene with chalk on a blackboard and place their 5 day old baby in a blanket bundle in the stork’s mouth. The announcement was a huge hit and their families and friends were begging for more. The couple, based in San Jose, CA found sources of inspiration all around them and soon a whole series of blackboard adventures was imagined and achieved.


Although all of the blackboard “sets” are hand drawn with real chalk, the babies are photographed on soft surfaces and inserted with “digital artistry” to avoid discomfort for the little ones. See the entire collection on the couple’s website for Cute Moments Photography. If you or anyone you know has kids and lives in the Bay Area, contact Anna for a fun photo shoot and creative memories to last a lifetime.

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