Discarded Paintings Remixed with Monsters

Mountain_Monster_by_Chris McMahon

Regardless of how many good vibes or “happy trees” got painted into that old mountain landscape at the thrift store, there are few of us who would consider giving the dusty old painting a new home. Artist Chris McMahon might be changing that sentiment however, giving those old paintings a new and unusual chance at life. McMahon is part of a growing number of people remixing discarded paintings by placing strange new creatures into the scene. His Mountain Monster, shown above, is a good example of the technique. Through the tops of the puffy white clouds comes a massive four-legged beast set on total destruction (or is that just a smile?).


A good part of the charm in these paintings is the amateur nature of the base painting… in fact, some of the best and humorous have the least skillful backgrounds. Perhaps these painters continued their craft, or perhaps they moved on to other talents – regardless, they’d probably be amused to see their work remixed as it is today.

McMahon has often played upon the fact that his works have two creators – often signing beside the original artists signature with an “& McMahon.” You can swing by his DeviantArt gallery to purchase both originals and prints.

sea_monster_by_Chris McMahon

land_narwhal_and_young_by_Chris McMahon

Swamp_Monster_by_Chris McMahon

the_thing_by_the_boats_by_Chris McMahon

untitled_by_Chris McMahon

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