Shapes of Consciousness by David Habben

1 David Habben

Starting with a simple free form shape, illustrator David Habben lets his pencil squiggle whichever way it wants to. Once a shape is achieved, he fills it in with a unique character one step at a time. Each spirit evolves to have its own narrative as he slowly fills in the space. Most of his drawings are created using India ink on Arches Aquarelle pigment paper without any sketching- see process shots here. According to Socialphy, Habben- based in Salt Lake City- has done editorial design, children’s book illustration, interactive design, storyboards, logo design, advertisement, and apparel design throughout the course of his career.


For his feature in Catalyst Magazine, David Habben explains:

I’ve always believed that good art equals good communication. If you can create a bridge between the art and the viewer, somehow connecting the two, you’ve really got something. Most of the time I’ve found that if I work from my heart, I’ll find someone out there to connect with. If I’m really lucky, I’ll inspire the viewer to create somehow in their own way. Maybe they’ll write a poem, draw a picture, or just buy their groceries with a little more flair than they used to. Either way, I hope to inspire good things and new ideas.

Check out more designs on his website and Behance gallery. His work is available for purchase on Etsy and you can follow him on Twitter.

2 David Habben

3 David Habben

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