Girls Have Really Messy Rooms: Photos by Maya Fuhr


Photographer Maya Fuhr was commissioned by VICE to embark on a photographic exploration. This trek was aimed to show us that female bedrooms are not all neat and tidy domiciles. With preconceived notions, humans believe the female species to be the cleanlier of the two. The photos Maya created will most certainly shock many, and garner nodding heads of approval from those who “understand” – all too well – the perils of a messy female room. These photos will squash any remnants of doubt that all females object to living under a mountain of filth. It will also show that some of their rooms more closely resemble discombobulated landfills than the pristine oasis retreats we’re duped into believing.

I’ve never had the explicit pleasure of seriously dating a women who keeps her room in complete and total disarray. I have, however, dated a girl for a hot minute – whose kitchen and common area were immaculate – whose bedroom literally looked like a bomb went off. All you could really identify in the room straight away was: There was a bed, dresser, and a fan. It reminded me of one of those crane games, but instead of plush dolls for a prize, you dug your hands into a mountain of dirty clothes and stale pizza crusts. But, this was just my own personal experience, and thought it to just be an isolated incident.

Maya has shown me the light with her photographs, showcasing rooms that are on par with what I experienced… and then others with messiness to a whole different level. One of the most interesting aspects of this photo shoot is seen when you stop to really examine what’s on the floor. You feel like you’re looking at a Where’s Waldo illustration, noticing something new with each successive pass of your eyeballs. Crushed beer cans & empty wine bottles, cat scratching posts, marijuana pipes, snacks, an axe, and clothes strewn about the room everywhere — uncertain of what’s clean or dirty (err on the side of caution).

Clean sheets, and the elating aromas of springtime, are what we expect to waft into our nostrils when we enter a girls sacred chamber. Not an amalgamation of discarded pizza boxes, cereal bowls, and plates licked clean (with crusty silverware resting not far from each desecration). If your room is cleaner than this, then sit back and revel in someone else’s mess. If yours is the same or worse, then bask in the glory of your brethren.










via: It’s Nice That

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