Star Trek: Into Darkness- Movie Poster Remix

Adam Rabalais

After the great results of their World War Z movie poster competition earlier this year, Blurppy challenged artists once again, this time with a Star Trek: Into Darkness theme. Another great success was had as artists stepped up to the challenge and let their creative juices flow. If these designs were available to producers, it’s hard to say which poster we would be seeing on movie theater walls. Be sure to check out more work from each artist by clicking the links. See more of the competition’s finalists and share your opinion on Blurppy.


Above: Adam Rabalais Deviantart, Twitter, Etsy Store
Matt Ferguson

Marie Bergeron Website, Twitter
Marie Bergeron

Marko Manev Behance, Twitter, Website
Marko Manev

Rodolfo Reyes Twitter, DeviantART, Purchase
Rodolfo Reyes

Joe Vetoe Twitter, DeviantART
Joe Vetoe

Erin Gallagher Twitter, Website, Tumblr
Erin Gallagher

Paul Shipper Twitter, Website
Paul Shipper


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