Alexa Meade: Body Painting in a Pool of Milk

Milk Alexa Meade Sheila Vand 1

Don’t be deceived, these aren’t simply paintings, but something far more realistic than they appear at first glance. True to her signature style of creating bold paintings on top of live models, Alexa Meade has made a series of painting/body art/photographs in collaboration with Sheila Vand. This time, instead of seeing Meade’s model placed before a painted scene or wandering the real world, she’s used a pool of opaque white milk as her backdrop. The results are beautiful and, as usual, fascinating to decipher.


By using a fluid, and specifically white milk as her canvas, Meade transforms Vand into a painterly subject in the process of melting away. Her form, sharp above the surface, gently dilutes as it merges with the milk below. Flows of color wash around the pool in which she lays, creating abstract forms and in the case of her piece “Doll Face // Who, Me?” a large black halo suggestive of hair.

The series of images marks a new direction for Meade, one that sees her fine body painting becoming more temporal as it slowly washes away. In this way Meade is letting go of control, allowing her medium to tell the story as much as she does while providing surprises for both artist and audience alike. You can see more of this fine series, and further behind the scenes shots at

Milk Alexa Meade Sheila Vand 2

Milk Alexa Meade Sheila Vand 3

Milk Alexa Meade Sheila Vand 4

Milk Alexa Meade Sheila Vand 5

Milk Alexa Meade Sheila Vand 6

Milk Alexa Meade Sheila Vand 7

Milk Alexa Meade Sheila Vand 8

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