Not Quite of this World: New Paintings by Jorge Santos

Jorge Santos 1

At the 101/exhibit in Miami is an exhibition featuring a dynamic painter from Angola. His name is Jorge Santos and for most of his life he has been a full time artist creating surreal scenery and groups of people not quite from this reality. Born in 1959, Santos was raised in the then Portuguese colony of Angola. After his family escaped the political turmoil that ensued after Angola became independent, he headed over to America where he settled in 1982. For the past 25 years, he has exhibited his works in galleries all over the world.


His most recent series, simply titled ‘Paintings,’ showcases 7 works that Santos spent the past 4 years creating. His subjects and scenes evoke an enigmatic and hypnagogic atmosphere. Themes in his recent series focus around chilling expressions, water, fish, dogs and boats. His exhibit at the 101 will be running from April 13 to June 15. Check out more of his extensive work at

Jorge Santos 3

Jorge Santos 4

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