Modern Celebrities Get a Classic Painting Makeover

1 Leo DiCaprio by Vincent Van Gogh

If the renaissance took place in modern times, and the models were famous pop culture celebrities, what would the artwork have looked like? This was the theme for Worth1000’s photo manipulation contest and the results were quite hilarious. Master Photoshoppers let their creative juices flow as they imagined how Renaissance artists would have painted the pop icons of today. From Leonard DiCaprio starring in Van Gogh’s last self-portrait to Angelina Jolie as Rogier van der Weyden’s Portrait of a Lady many artists found the perfect fit and then there was Keanu Reeves as Edouard Louis Dubufe’s Portrait of Madame F…


See the winners of this contest along with all of the entries that didn’t quite make the cut, but will entertain you nonetheless on If you’re a fan of photoshop magic and classic art, you will love the Venus project by Anna Utopia Giordano where Renaissance beauties lose their curves to meet Hollywood’s modern standard of beauty.

3 Angelina Jolie

2 Sir Sean Connery

4 Amy Winehouse

5 Robert Downey Jr. by Jacques Louis David

6 Keanu

7 Jessica Biel

8 Liv Tyler

9 Natalie Portman as Hortense de Beauharnais

10 Penelope Cruz


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