Hollowed Out TV Sets Become Miniature Worlds

1 Zhang Xiangxi TV

Have you ever wondered what will happen to all the cathode ray tube televisions now that most people have switched to flatscreens? Chinese artist Zhang Xiangxi has re-purposed a few of them into a diorama like record of some of the rooms from his life- his old workspace in Guangzhou, the workers’ dormitory he once lived in, his parent’s sitting room, and the interior of a train carriage. He even created his “dream home.” He hollows out the old televisions, then intricately sculpts miniature furniture, wall art, and yes-even televisions! He doesn’t try to make perfect little dollhouse worlds, he includes all of the clutter that a real room would have.


Xiangxi has been showing his work all around the country and uses the places he travels as inspiration for his next projects. He is currently working on five-floor mall inside a large old refrigerator. See more of his creative installations on Saatchi.

2 Zhang Xiangxi TV

3 Zhang Xiangxi tv

4 Zhang Xiangxi tv

5 Zhang Xiangxi tv

6 Zhang Xiangxi tv

7 Zhang Xiangxi tv

8 Zhang Xiangxi tv

9 Zhang Xiangxi tv

10 Zhang Xiangxi tv

11 Zhang Xiangxi tv

13 Zhang Xiangxi TV

Via: 123inspiration.com and Nowness

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