Black & White Optical Magic: Fine Art Photography

Chema Madoz 1

Spanish photographer Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz, better known as Chema Madoz, has a unique perspective for black and white photography. He creates unexpected optical illusions, cleverly pairing objects that don’t normally go together for an amusing effect. With Madoz, black and white is never boring and he has published many albums of his work and exhibited it all over the world, winning various international awards including a Higashikawa Prize. He has also published several volumes of his work, all available on Amazon.


With his distinctive style, Madoz’ never seems to run out of clever ideas for photo pranks. His surreal pictures will tickle your mind and I highly recommend looking through the entire collection on his website.

Chema Madoz 2

Chema Madoz 3

Chema Madoz 4

Chema Madoz 5

Chema Madoz 6

Chema Madoz 7

Chema Madoz 8

Chema Madoz 9

Chema Madoz 10

Chema Madoz 11

Chema Madoz 12

Chema Madoz 13

Chema Madoz 14

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