EnviroSiren: A Playful Music Vid About Climate Change


While on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, Jules Cazedessus sat with her young nephew talking about the planet and some of the issues affecting it today. As they conversed about animal extinction, the changing of the climates, and the rising of oceans, Jules couldn’t help but think : What sort of planet is her nephew going to inherit. Were people going to be smart and make the right decisions for long term environmental sustainability? There wasn’t a clear answer in Jules’ mind, and she decided that she would give what she could to continue the conversation regarding the issue. She wrote a song and titled it “S.O.S – Sink or Swim? [see_also]

In her music video, Jules sings a playful and witty song that focuses around the unfortunate realities of climate change and how it affects the oceans. Researching hundreds of ways to say goodbye in various languages, Jules sings to the many coastal cities and islands that would be affected if action is not taken to protect the existing environment. We had a chance to talk to Jules and hear some more of her perspective on her video:

VN: How did you come up with the idea to make a music video? Is your background in singing and music?
JC: I started writing songs when I was 28 because I had to sing what I couldn’t say. The first music-video I produced was for Elliot Goldenthal, the academy award-winning composers’ directorial debut: O Mistress Mine. I always wanted SOS to be a video because I thought it would help with the impact. Since EnviroSiren came out of a Halloween character, coming up with a story about her was easy.

VN: Has SOS gained awareness and where has it been screened?
JC: I had a premiere party at the posh Soho House screening room in NYC and the kind folk at Upworthy have helped me garner nearly 15,000 views so far. I’d love to offer this video to climate-conference or schools to inject a little creativity amidst all the scary and often numbing information on climate change.

VN: Can we expect more videos in the future regarding different issues?
JC: This is just the beginning–I plan to make more enlightening and entertaining music-videos on social/environmental issues–but with other musicians, and nonprofits. We’ve got one on girls’ education in Africa in the works.

VN: What is your hope environmentally for our planet?
JC: We have only a few years to correct our course to avert the unbelievably dire implications of burning through the remaining fossil fuels on our precious planet. We’ve got to stop dumping CO2 and other heat-trapping gasses into the atmosphere and fast or we’re f*^ed. And we *can* do it–we’ve just got to wake-up and apply our collective will to this mammoth challenge. The technology is here (Costa Rica is already fueling nearly 90% of its electricity from renewable sources). My dream is for people everywhere to fall in love with the planet and become better stewards of our incredible home before we wreck it. There is no Planet B.

Check out more information about Envirosiren on their website.

Sink or Swim? EnviroSiren’s SOS on rising seas from Jules Cazedessus on Vimeo.





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