Want a 3D Hologram of Your Unborn Baby?

Pioneer hologram printing ultrasound 2

In one of the stranger uses of a new technology, Pioneer is offering a 3D hologram printing service to transform ultrasound data into a one-of-a-kind image of your unborn child. Now you can see a 3D image of what your child looks like, even before they’ve popped out into the world! Yes it’s highly unusual, but judging by the high number of ultrasound photos floating around Facebook, this is going to be a hit.


To create the images Pioneer is using their new hologram printer, a devise which according to DigInfo News is capable of printing a full-color hologram in 120 minutes or a single color example in 90 minutes. Unlike old school holograms which required many photographs of a real world model and lots of equipment, this new printer uses only CG information. For mothers wanting to get a better look at their growing child, all that is needed is the 3D/4D echogram data from the ultrasound.

The resulting hologram is visible within a 23 degree viewing angle, and is 200 components high and 300 wide, with each component containing 60 points of view vertically and horizontally. Pioneer is currently exhibiting the holograms in card-case holders and jewel-boxes with white LEDs for illumination.

Pioneer hologram printing ultrasound 1

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