Historical Figures Get a Modern Makeover

1-Elizabeth I

To celebrate its new series, The Secret Life Of …, the UK’s history TV channel Yesterday commissioned artists to work with historians to provide a modern characterization of some of the most famous figures in history, as if they were alive today. The remixed paintings provide an educational account of what each figure was like which is stretched to assume how they would dress and carry themselves today. Modern day Queen Elizabeth I sports a Hilary Clinton hairstyle with a stylish, designer suit and keeps her notoriously hideous teeth concealed with a straight face, though it’s likely she would have veneers in today’s times. William Shakespeare would surely be a hipster and he is shown with piercings and hair plugs to keep up with the actors of today.


Admiral Lord Nelson is depicted with a prosthetic arm to replace the one he lost in battle and a little extra weight gain, since his naval position would involve a lot more desk work these days. As a wealth flaunter, King Henry VIII is shown with a diamond designer watch and ring in a perfectly tailored black suit. Telegraph predicts, “Henry’s vanity would have ensured he would have retained the naturally muscly, rugby-player type figure he had in his youth. Known for having spent a lot of time outdoors riding, hunting, and playing tennis, Henry VIII has also been given a tan.” Marie Antoinette would be the typical fashionable socialite with veneers for her crooked smile, breast implants since she was teased for being flat-chested as a teen, and the latest fashions, since she was known to change outfits three times per day. Read more about each artist’s interpretation of the historical icons at Telegraph.

Above: Elizabeth I Below: William Shakespeare

Admiral Lord Nelson
3-Admiral Lord Nelson

Henry VIII
4-Henry VIII

Marie Antoinette
5-Marie Antoinette

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