Stunning new Bonobo music video by Young Replicant


On April 1, “The North Borders” was released from musician/DJ Bonobo. Creating beautiful compositions of music, the DJ has also selected some great directors to make the music videos for his singles. A couple months ago, the video for Cirrus was done by Cyriak. His most recent single, First Fires, was recently released and the video is nothing short of moving. Watch it here.


Directed by Young Replicant, videos such as the one for First Fires prove that there are still good music videos being made today. Having created videos for M83, the XX and Purity Ring; Young Replicant tells a poigent story in a short period. With First Fires, the video revolves around a couple (featuring Salomon Anaya and Caitriona Balfe) that is clearly traversing a difficult period in their relationship. Maybe they are remembering what the “First Fire” of their love was. Check out the video below and the new Bonobo album here.

First Fire Bonobo 3

First Fire Bonobo 2

First Fire Bonobo 4

First Fire Bonobo 5

First Fire Bonobo 6

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