Pitch-Perfect Celebrity Portraits by Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell is a master of media… and by that we mean the celebrities that make media worth watching. From remixed superheroes, to childhood memories and portraits of celebs, his sharp images bring a touch of class to the things which entertain us so well. Now Mitchell is featuring a series of movie character portraits that are incredibly well done, each eliciting just the attitude you’d expect from each memorable individual.



The series is currently being shown at the Mondo Gallery in hip Austin Texas (April 26 – May 25). Featured in the collection of 32 portraits are characters such as Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill “the Butcher” Cutting from Gangs of New York; Milla Jovovich as Leeloo from The Fifth Element; and the unnamed getaway driver played by Ryan Gosling in Drive. It’s an all-star cast of characters, and each is pitch perfect.

In the images we bring you here, Mitchell has created grainy GIFs which subtly move before our eyes. With this small touch he places the characters back on the silver screen, waiting for their moment to act. You can see the full series at sirmikeofmitchell.com (where you can also see the odd exquisite-corpse-like mashups he calls The Bastards).












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