New Photographs from Inside North Korea


With the escalation of tensions between the United States and North Korea, a highly intense geopolitical standoff has gripped the attention of the world and centered the focus of several photo journalists on North Korea. Isolated, reclusive, and highly militarized, the mystery and intrigue of North Korea rises due to the highly controlled, censored images that are typically released. Amidst the threats of a nuclear strike, the U.S. focuses their attention on the ruling party and leaders of the North Korean military.


A totalitarian, highly controlled state, it is difficult to gauge many aspects of life for the North Korean people, especially with the torrent of propaganda that is released from the government depicting a perfect life for the population. Thanks to a Sony International photography contest, and several other photographers who were granted access to shoot in North Korea, we are left with fascinating visual images, including some that help to deconstruct the life of an ordinary citizen.

Photographer below: Christian Åslund


christian aslund-630x419


Photographer below: Christopher Morris

chrisopher morris

Photographer below: Tomas van Houtryve



Photographer below and lead image: Ilya Pitalev

IIya Pitalev



via koikoikoi

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