Wine Pairing: What Wine with What Food?


With the traditional and practiced “wine and cheese crowd” quickly being outnumbered by a world in love with wine, it’s not surprising that many of us have no idea what wines go with what food. Wine pairing is an art often lost on the new wine fanatics, not that it’s entirely their fault. There are loads of wine types out there – and even more types of food – making it a tough task when you just want to quickly select a nice bottle to go with that soft cheese and cured meat platter.


Thankfully, the people at well named site Wine Folly have put together a chart pairing common food types with the wines that best complement their flavor. You’ll quickly find out that a Pinot Noir is a much better match for that crab dinner than a Syrah. You’ll also find out what foods could pose a threat to good wine pairing – take asparagus and chocolate for example.

Wine Folly has been making some greatly informative wine infographics, many of which they have turned into posters. It’s just the right thing to put on the kitchen wall – at the ready to remind you when you’re in need. Check out their site for more tips on how wine pairing works.

Click here or the graphic below for a full-sized view:


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