Gjoen Contemplates Beauty, Fragility and Strength

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What makes an object beautiful? Is it simply a case of the form, its hues and the patterns involved; or is there something deeper? Magnus Gjoen helps us reassess our preconceived ideas about this concept by combining what most would see as highly dissimilar objects. Many of his digital works combine classic paintings or prints with unfriendly forms – like insects and guns for example. In doing so, we are forced to contemplate these forms and images anew.


What new interpretation does the combination of a machine gun and a porcelain vase evoke? Perhaps it brings our focus onto the fragility of both objects; one itself a destroyer, and the other that is so easily destroyed. In this way his prints bring decorative attractiveness and fragility to forms known for destruction, while simultaneously showing the fragile side of things known for strength.

Although Gjoen uses 3D computer modeling and overlaid classical imagery to create most of his printed works, one of his newest pieces sees his art translated into real-life 3D form. He is currently prototyping a porcelain Campbell’s Soup can, decorated in the style of classic dutch Delftware. You can see more of his work and order prints at both artrepublic.com and saatchionline.com, or follow him on his Facebook page.

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