Dad Draws Thousands of Pics on Kids’ Sandwiches

David Laferriere 1

Since 2008, designer dad David LaFerriere has been drawing clever illustrations on his sons’ sandwiches when he packs their lunches for school each morning. Since the bags get thrown out, he decided to document his creative drawings on Flickr so that he and his kids could look back on the collection. He never dreamed that millions of people would see his work, but with the magic powers of the world wide web, his sandwich art has been spreading like wildfire, even getting him a video interview for the Flickr blog.


It’s so adorable to see the different ways parents let their kids know how much they are loved; my mom was big on napkin notes to brighten my day! It gives me warm fuzzies inside to think of all of the time and thought that David LaFerriere put in to the thousands of sandwich drawings to bring smiles to the faces of his sons as they open up their lunches for the daily reveal. I’m sure all of Evan and Kenny LaFerriere’s friends look forward to seeing what David will think of next too! Check out his whole collection on Flickr and keep checking back to see what he’s added.

David Laferriere 5

David Laferriere 2

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David Laferriere 4

David Laferriere 6

David Laferriere 7

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David Laferriere 9

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Via: flavorwire and colossal

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